Monday, February 9, 2009

Extra Curricular Activities

Dot: Welcome to our show again, folks. Good to have you stop on by to listen.

Dino: We had to take a couple of days off to do some extracurricular activities.

Dot: Dino, tell everybody what you did.

Dino: Well, Dot you helped me out on Saturday night by laying a scent track that I could find. I really appreciate your help with that. Without friends like you, I won't have anybody to help me learn how to track to find lost pets.

Dot: Scout helps out also, right?

Dino: Yes, she does help out by laying her scent for me to find. I will thank her when I get home.

Dino: There is only one other dog in this whole area that does real tracks. Not just practices like me. His name is Annubis. His mom is Donna and they work together to help find lost pets. You can find out more if you want by visiting their website: www.findingpaws.com. They also have a blog (kind of like this one) of all the animals they help try to find. I do have my own MAR (missing animal response) training blog (www.dinosmardogtraining.blogspot.com) where everything can be viewed in greater detail, but basically I did a practice track with Jackie on Saturday night through a neighborhood. We did pretty good, especially since it was night.

Then on Sunday morning we drove a long ways to where Jackie was meeting with Donna to try to find a lost cat. We got there a little late, so Annubis did the first stuff and found out where the cat was going in the neighborhood. I am still in training and learning new things, so Jackie and Donna wanted to see what I could find out about the missing cat. She put on my harness and I got really excited. I love trying to find out what animal I am following and where they are. She showed me the things that have the cat's smell on it and off we went. Annubis is the pro so he was out front. I was kind of checking places behind him and seeing what I could find. I definitely could smell a cat. I think it was the same one. We checked around in the area. Suddenly Donna said, "Get back. We found the cat!" We all backed off to not scare the cat. Both Annubis and me got lots of treats and toys. After the cat left with their person, Jackie brought me around to where the cat ran from. I could really smell the cat where it was laying. It was really strong. It was fun. So far, the only cat I have found was my own cat, Mercury, so it was fun to help find another cat. Well, we know Annubis did all the work, but maybe I helped out somehow. Anyway, it was fun to participate. I had a great time.

Today we drove again a long distance, but not as far as yesterday. I did some more tracks, and these were called "practices." I got to find some cloth things that had Annubis' smell on them, though I know he was safe in his car. Jackie said I did pretty good, and said we have some new things to work on. I said "Oh boy, that is great." I think Donna is helping Jackie train me to be as good as Annubis. That would be great!

Dot: That is great.

Dino: Dot, don't you also have some good news to share.

Dot: Me? What is that?

Dino: Didn't Jackie do something with you yesterday that you were really excited about?

Dot: Oh yeah, she put out some really, really tasty treats in a straight line and I got to eat them all in a straight line. And I got to do that more than once. It was a lot of fun.

Dino: That sounds like how I started my tracking training. Maybe you will be as good as me someday.

Dot: As good as? I will be better! I am smaller and I can go into all those tiny spots that your big head can't fit into. I am more mature, plus I am cuter.

Dino: What does that have to do with finding a lost cat or dog? I am very cute and I don't think it helps out. It is all in the nose.

Dot: Of course being cuter helps, but I am not telling you my secrets, dope!

Dino: OK, Dot, we will see who is better.

Dot: Well, maybe you can pay me back by laying your scent and then I can find your track.

Dino: I think I can do that for you. But you won't be better than me.

Dot: We will see about that. Say "Goodnight, Dino."

Dino: Goodnight, Dino. Where is dinner? I am hungry.