Thursday, February 5, 2009

Russell and His 40 Tricks

Dot: We found a fascinating video from a very talented dog by the name of Russell. We also were able to get him on the line for an interview about all this talents and his life. He was very friendly and open.

Dino: I can't wait to see it. (munch, munch).

Dot: So, Russell, when you first made the video, did you think your life would change so much?

Russell: Well, at first, the emails started to come in slowly, and I thought, "This is nice. I get to make some friends and maybe get a few dates out of the whole thing." I didn't think anything else. But then, wow, the phone calls, the packages and the emails didn't stop. I quit my day job working at my dad's computer company, I got an agent, a secretary, and it has been a ball ever since.

Dino: You were working at your dad's computer company. What was that like? That must have been a lot of fun.

Russell: Yeah, it wasn't so bad. I got to attend meetings and visit with people and get free cookies and get to spend time with the ladies.

Dino: Wait, wait. You got free cookies and you gave that up?

Russell: They didn't taste too good. They kind of made my stomach upset sometimes. You should see the food I get now. It is the best! I haven't had a stomach ache at all. You guys are welcome to visit sometime. I get so much food and treats and toys and fun stuff. I can't eat it all myself.

Dot: Russell, where do you live?

Russell: I live in Florida, kind of near where Mickey Mouse lives. That what my mom says. I don't know who Mickey Mouse is, but I hear my mom say that on the phone.

Dino: Well, I hear Jackie saying that she is always looking for a reason to travel. Maybe we can talk her into that. Especially if I tell her about Mickey Mouse.

Dot: So is there anything else new in your life you would like to tell us about?

Russell: Well, I guess there is the movie (Russell Meets Hollywood), the book tour, the wedding and the new house that is being built.

Dino: What is a wedding?

Russell: One of the things I got a lot of once this video came out were marriage proposals. At first, I thought they were silly. I mean, I have been a bachelor for a long time. I didn't want to get tied down, especially with all the new pups I had been meeting. But then, I saw her! She was my co-star in my movie. In the movie she was called Mitzi, but her real name is Robin. She is adorable. We have been inseparable ever since. Didn't you see us at the Oscars? I was the one in the tux and she had on the little black dress.

Dot: We don't have TV at home. Jackie doesn't like it. But I did hear about the event.

Russell: Bummer! It was a good show. We were the most gorgeous couple there. We stole the show. I had to bring my dad with me to help me carry the Oscar home.

Dino: You mean, you won?

Russell: Oh yeah, best actor in a doggie role. I got up on stage and somebody held the microphone down to me and I barked and whine my acceptance speech. Afterwards everybody laughed and cheered. It is on YouTube. I will send you the link.

Dot: Definitely. We can put the link up here on our blog. We would love to see it. That must have been quite a night?

Russell: Whew! The parties afterwards. Man, some people can drink and have a good time. Personally, I don't drink, but Robin downed a couple of Coronas. I had to practically carry her out to the car where my dad was waiting to drive us home. It was a blast!

Dino: Sounds like a great time. Was there a lot of food?

Russell: I saw things they called food that I didn't know existed. I tried some things to see what they were. They had biscuits covered with this and that. They had stuffed biscuits. They had kibble sprinkled over all kinds of things. Honestly, I did want to be careful because of all the scares lately about strange things happening with dog treats coming from another country. Robin stuffed her muzzle with everything she could find. That girl has a bottomless pit for a stomach.

Dot: Good for you. You also mentioned before our interview that you have some more good news.

Russell: Oh yeah, Robin is expecting a litter of puppies in about five weeks. We just learned about it couple of days ago. It must have been during our trip to the Caribbean. I didn't even know she was in heat that time. She must have just started. She is at home now resting and preparing the nesting box and shopping with her mom. We are living with my mom and dad until the house is built, and they said they would help with the delivery. I would like to keep at least one puppy, maybe two.

Dot: Good for you, again. We would love to see pictures and videos of the puppies if you remember to.

Russell: Sure, darling. I think I can remember to do that.

Dino: Thanks for talking to us, Russell, and good luck with everything. It sounds like you will be very busy.

Russell: Thanks for having me on. Listen, I will send you guys a couple of boxes of the treats and toys and food that we get. I got more than I can handle.

Dino: Wow! Thanks, dude. But won't you be needing those for the puppies?

Russell: Naw, we have a dog food company out of France who is sending us all we need for the puppies. We got boxes of things sent to us piling up in the garage. I will send you some things.

Dot: Ok, Russell, thanks again. Take care and say "Hi" to Robin. Tell her I know how she feels. I had a litter of puppies while I was at the shelter before Jackie adopted me. They are a lot of fun. Tell her to enjoy the moment. It goes by very fast.

Russell: I will do that. Take care, and thanks again for the interview. It is nice to hear that the first video that started everything is still out there making people laugh. It all seems so long ago. Bye.

Dot: Say goodbye, Dino.

Dino: Goodbye, Dino.