Monday, February 2, 2009

First Blog!

Dot: So, Dino, what is a blog?

Dino: I don't know, but it sounds delicious!

Dot: That is gross. You will eat anything.

Dino: Hey, Dot, I recall many times when you have tried to sneak many of those tasty things we find on the ground during our walks. You know, the things that Jackie gets so made at you about.

Dot: Me! She catches you more than she catches me. The goal is not to be caught. I hope Jackie doesn't read this.

Dino: Anyway, I think we should change the subject for our own sake.

Dot: OK. So, since this is our first blog, whatever that is, I think we should introduce ourselves to everybody.

Dino: OK, I will go first.

Dot: You! I should go first. I am the lady.

Dino: Well.......................

Dot: Hey.......................

Dino: OK you can go first. You are older.

Dot: You mean, more mature, goof ball. I am not talking about my age. Actually, nobody really knows. My past is unknown, and I am trying to forget everything before Jackie adopted me at the Weaverville shelter. I think Jackie said I have my own personal blog with more details....

Dino: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Get to the point. I have two blogs! You only have one.

Dot: That is because you have more issues.

Dino: Are issues good?

Dot: Yeah, Dino, issues are good (sheeshh!) Anyway, my personal blog is at http://dotstraining.blogspot.com/. That describes in detail my adoption and time following. To see Dino's blogs: http://dinostraining.blogspot.com/ and http://dinosmardogtraining.blogspot.com/

Dino: So, what is this blog about?

Dot: Well, as Jackie explained to me, pets are going to write in asking us questions they have about anything, and we are going to provide thoughtful and insightful answers.

Dino: What is insightful?

Dot: Oh, this is going to be more difficult than I thought.

Dino: Can I sing and dance and entertain people?

Dot: Yeah, maybe, you entertain people and I will be the insightful and witty one.

Dino: What is witty?

Dot: Never mind. Say "Good Bye" Dino

Dino: Good bye, Dino. Remember to write in. I am going to practice my juggling.

Dot: Remember to write us at: dot@thesocialpet.com and dino@thesocialpet.com. Jackie says we need to start earning our kibble, whatever that means, but I think it has something to do with this blog.